Affordable Tooth Implant In Winter Haven

Affordable Tooth Implant in Winter Haven, Tampa, Brooksville, Lakeland, Spring Hill, & Surrounding Areas

Affordable Tooth Implant In Winter Haven

There are an extensive range of reasons to consult with a
Dental Associates of Florida dentist about getting an
affordable tooth implant in Winter Haven.

The reasons include poor fitting dentures, crooked teeth, bone loss
and periodontal disease.

When you need to restore a single tooth, a tooth implant is a great option. A standard bridge often requires grinding down teeth right next to the tooth being replaced, resulting in more pain, more damage, and bone loss.

A modern dentist prefers to use dental implants to keep bite correct, prevent bone loss, prevent wear on remaining teeth, prevent shifting teeth, and prevent facial structure changes.

Dental Associates also provides the following services:

Your Dental Associates of Florida dentist is fully trained in the procedure for a tooth implant. Depending on your dental needs, the tooth implant may include multiple visits to measure bone density and the level of decay, implant one or more anchor posts, and install the final implant. Typically the dentist will wait a few months for the bone and gums to fuse to the implant fixtures before he attaches the top portion of the implant.

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