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Best Cosmetic Dentist for Those in Tampa, Spring Hill, Winter Haven, Brandon & Neighboring Areas

Best Cosmetic Dentist If you would like to fix your crooked or uneven smile, you should consider scheduling a visit with the best cosmetic dentist. You will find them here at Dental Associates of Florida. He or she will provide you with several advanced treatment plan options dependent on your current oral health, x-rays and molds. Your smile can be straightened naturally with the use of traditional and clear braces or be completely transformed by porcelain veneers, implants or dentures. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to a smile makeover, and our best cosmetic dentist is known for delivering top results to our patients.

You may decide to straighten your teeth with braces. The decision between choosing traditional or clear braces can sometimes become a struggle for some patients. Both types of braces are effective treatment plans, it just depends on what what will fit your lifestyle best. While both are very different from the other, they both share a common outcome. Here are some of the differences and similarities between traditional and Invisalign braces:

  • Traditional braces are typically made of metal brackets, while clear braces are nearly invisible trays that are molded to fit the shape of your teeth.
  • Invisalign braces are removable, while traditional metal brackets are permanent until removed by a professional.
  • Traditional braces are typically less expensive.
  • Both require monthly visits to your best cosmetic dentist.
  • Both require a retainer after the treatment period has ended.

Both types of treatments typically require wear for an extended period of time, but they also both generate long-term successes post-treatment. Your natural teeth will remain intact if cared for properly. It’s not uncommon for patients to end up forgoing their usual daily preventative care routine due to the new usage of equipment, permanent or not. However, both types of braces require daily maintenance, in addition to daily tooth care, to remain in proper working order. Whether it be to floss properly behind and around your metal brackets or brush and rinse your removable clear trays, taking care of the equipment will help in preventing damage and avoiding additional costs for repair or replacement.

Visit our best cosmetic dentist here at Dental Associates of Florida today to determine if you are eligible for clear braces. Serving patients from Tampa, Spring Hill, Winter Haven, Brandon and neighboring areas, our smile makeovers are known throughout the greater Tampa Bay area. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!