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Best Dentist Teeth grinding is extremely common with our patients at Dental Associates of Florida. That is why we have the best dentist on staff to find solutions to this damaging habit that some people don’t even realize they have. Grinding your teeth may be due to stress or anxiety, but it can also stem from a misaligned bite or uneven teeth. Our best dentist will perform an examination on your teeth and current health to determine treatment options. X-ray images may need to be taken, as well. Your dentist will inform you of any damage found to the enamel and instruct you on how to avoid further harm. There are several treatment options for teeth grinding, custom mouth guards being one of them.

Before visiting our best dentist, determine if you have been experiencing symptoms of teeth grinding. It’s possible that you may not notice that many of the symptoms you are feeling originate from the habit of grinding your teeth. Common symptoms of teeth grinding include:

  • Dull and consistent headaches
  • A sore or pained jaw
  • Severe wear on the teeth

Our best dentist may recommend that you use custom mouth guards during peak teeth-grinding times, such as during sleep. If so, you will be fitted for a mouth guard by having molds of your upper and bottom teeth taken. This will help the mouth guards to fit perfectly over your teeth to aid in comfortability and effectiveness. It is very important that you and your dentist determine a treatment plan to resolve your teeth grinding, as the effects of the habit can leave your teeth with long-term damage and erosion.

Whether you experience teeth grinding or not, you should contact our best dentist right away if you are noticing symptoms of jaw pain or tooth pain. He or she will be available to provide you with proper care and treatment, resolving any issues you may be having. Dental health care is important, and our patients in Tampa, Spring Hill, Winter Haven, Brandon and the surrounding cities agree that our dental offices are incomparable at providing the utmost of care. Contact us today!