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Chipped Tooth for Those in Tampa, Homosassa Springs, Winter Haven, Spring Hill, Brooksville & Surrounding Cities

Chipped Tooth Suffering from a chipped tooth is not a pleasant experience. Getting yourself to a dentist at Dental Associates of Florida as soon as possible is the best way to save your tooth. Our expert dentists are extensively practiced in performing procedures and treatments on patients with chipped or broken teeth. Our main goal is to save the original tooth and avoid the need for dental implants or tooth extractions. By getting in to see a dentist sooner rather than later, you will reduce the risk for infection or further damage to the affected tooth.

There are several procedures that can be done to save your chipped tooth. Your Dental Associates of Florida dentist will recommend the solution best fit for you and your mouth. Some typical dental procedures to fix a chipped tooth include:

  • Dental bonding – Either a filling or bonding will be used to recover small chips or breaks. Your dentist will attach bonding material in the same color as the tooth to the affected area. He or she will shape the material to blend with the tooth naturally, creating a seamless look.
  • Dental crown – This will fix a break that involves a larger piece of tooth. It will replace the entire top of the tooth and will be molded to look and feel like your original tooth.
  • Dental veneers – These will be used mainly for the front teeth for cosmetic purposes. Your dentist will remove some of the original tooth to adhere thin, porcelain material that will cover the whole front of the tooth.
  • Root canal – If the damage has reached the pulp of the tooth or has caused an infection, a root canal may be needed to fix the chipped tooth and restore it to a healthy condition.

Whether you require bonding or a dental crown, our dentists are specialists in repairing teeth to their original state. Ensuring that your smile returns to a healthy form is our job, and our patients know we deliver top results and high-quality care. A chipped tooth is common, and we will do everything we can to save your tooth and repair it.

If you are suffering from a chipped tooth, schedule an appointment at Dental Associates of Florida today to repair it with a dental crown, bonding or a veneer. By being proactive and taking care of your broken tooth, you can end up saving it and leaving our office with your original smile intact. We are proud to serve those in Tampa, Homosassa Springs, Winter Haven, Spring Hill, Brooksville and the surrounding cities, so contact us today!