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Clear Braces Inverness

If you are a teenager, one of the greatest inventions in modern dentistry is clear braces. They work for adults also. They move teeth in a gradual pain-free process by using clear aligners that are custom made and shaped. On average, a person changes to a new alignment device every few weeks. Clear braces do not work well for every condition, but they are useful for many alignment problems. Certainly, it is worth having a consultation with our cosmetic dentist to see if clear braces are a good solution for you or for your children.

One of the nicest features about clear braces is they are removable for eating, taking photos, or cleaning. Keeping them clean and keeping the mouth well-cared for, is super easy with clear braces, when compared to metal versions. With metal braces, food particles get stuck and certain foods should not be eaten because of this, like peanut butter. With clear braces, just take them out, clean them thoroughly, and you are good to go. Most treatments with clear braces last between seven to twelve months.

The advantages of clear braces, include:

  • They are almost invisible.
  • There is less risk of cutting the inner parts of the mouth.
  • They are comfortable.
  • They are removable for eating (no food restrictions, enjoy chewing gum, popcorn, etc.).
  • They boost self-esteem.
  • The realignment of the teeth is gradual.

When teenagers were asked what type of braces they preferred, clear braces were the most popular. Contact us to make an appointment today for a consultation with a cosmetic dentist. You will be able to discuss whether clear braces are the best choice and get answers to any questions you have regarding the timing of the visits and the costs. Get the perfect smile you always wanted by using clear braces. The results are fantastic and hardly anyone will notice you are wearing them.