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Clear Braces Tampa
Clear braces are fantastic! The idea of getting a smile makeover is to have a great boost to self-esteem. Because of this, for most teens, clear braces are preferred over metal braces. Adults like them also. The nice thing about them, besides that they are almost invisible, is that they move the teeth slowly in a less painful way than metal braces do.

Your dentist at Dental Associates recommends one of the most innovative technologies for clear braces. It is the Invisalign clear braces system.

Here is how is works. The dentist takes x-rays and photos of your teeth, and then makes a mold that goes to Invisalign. At the Invisalign lab, this information and mold is use to create an exact 3-D computer model of your teeth. This allows the dentist to map out a comprehensive treatment plan to move teeth precisely to their proper positions. Invisalign makes a series of custom-made clear braces called “aligners” for each step of the treatment plan. There is a new set of clear braces used for every two weeks, with the dentist checking the progress.

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