Dental Bridge New Tampa

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Dental Bridge New Tampa

A dental bridge should be put in as soon as possible after tooth extraction. Without a dental bridge, natural teeth will shift in an effort to fill in the empty space, causing difficulty chewing and talking as well as orthodontic problems.

There are a number of dental bridge options to pick from after a tooth extraction. A traditional dental bridge is made using ceramic or porcelain fused to metal and attached to side teeth with crowns. A Maryland bonded dental bridge is made from porcelain, porcelain fused to metal or plastic teeth. It is supported by a metallic or porcelain framework with wings that are bonded to existing teeth. A cantilever dental bridge is used when there is only a single supporting tooth on one side of the empty space; however; this type of dental bridge is no longer as common as it once was.

To get professional yet gentle tooth extraction and good advice as to which dental bridge option is right for you, pay a visit to a Dental Associates of Florida clinic. Dental Associates of Florida offers not only tooth extraction and dental bridges but also:

  • Crowns
  • Fillings
  • Invisalign
  • Root canal surgery
  • Gum disease treatment

Dental Associates of Florida treats patients of all ages and walk of life. Walk-in dentistry is offered so that those who need an immediate tooth extraction or bridge can get help without undue delay.

To find out more about our services contact our New Tampa clinic. We take pride in offering top notch customer service to both new and existing customers. Our dentist are approved by major insurance agencies and we even provide free help with filling out dental insurance paperwork so you can get timely compensation for needed oral health care.