Dental Crowns Tampa

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Dental Crowns Tampa

Dental crowns, often called caps, help to preserve the functionality of teeth that have been damaged. At Dental Associates, we use crowns to help restore tooth function, replace a previous crown, or to protect a cracked or damaged tooth. With dental crowns, problem teeth can be completely encased with custom-designed materials designed to improve structure and function.


For some patients, tooth damage or decay is so extensive that other conservative treatments, such as direct composite bonding or veneers, are not viable options. In these cases, dental crowns may prove to be the best treatment option. They may also be helpful for patients who have undergone a root canal.

Our friendly staff at our dental clinic will discuss the crown options with you. Crowns come in many materials, including gold, porcelain fused to metal, porcelain, and more. Many patients prefer porcelain finished crowns since they look like a natural tooth and can be matched to blend in with the color of your other teeth.

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In most cases, dental crowns will require two to three visits to your dental clinic. The first visit includes preparing the tooth for the crown and taking a mold of the existing tooth and the teeth surrounding it. A temporary crown is applied until the permanent crown is complete. Once the crown has been made, you’ll return to the dental clinic to have dental crowns placed.

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