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Dental Fillings in Tampa, Brandon, Riverview & Nearby Cities

Dental FillingsHave you ever had a cavity and put off going to the dentist because you were scared? If your answer is yes, you are not alone. Many people avoid getting dental fillings because they’re afraid of the unknown. At Dental Associates of Florida, we have a gentle general dentist who will spend extra time with you to make sure you receive personalized care in a tranquil environment.

Dental fillings are important because they restore your teeth to their original state, and help to stop decay from spreading further, preventing the need for larger, more costly procedures like tooth extractions, implants and dentures.

Steps involved in the process of obtaining dental fillings:

  • A general dentist will use a safe sedative to calm you and alleviate any pain or discomfort. However, you will remain awake so you can communicate with your dentist throughout the entire procedure.
  • The dentist may place a rubber dam around the teeth where the work will be done or use a bite block to help prop your jaw open. This will keep the area that is being worked on dry, so that a composite resin (used for tooth-colored fillings) can bond properly to the tooth
  • Next, our Dental Associates of Florida dentist will remove the tooth decay, using a high-speed tool. At the same time, our dental assistant will be using a suction device to keep your mouth dry.
  • Now it’s time to put in either an amalgam or a composite resin filling.
  • Our general dentist will smooth out any rough spots on the filling.

If you are looking for dental fillings and live in Tampa, Brandon, Riverview or nearby cities, please contact us now to schedule an appointment or receive more information.