Dental Fillings In Tampa

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Dental Fillings In Tampa

Tooth decay often required cleaning the affected area of a tooth by drilling out the decayed area, rinsing it and filling in what was drilled out with silver/mercury dental fillings.  Mercury in and of itself is dangerous, and the silver/mercury filling becomes affected by ordinary wear and tear.  Edges can weaken and break, and tooth decay can return in and around the filling.  Silver/mercury fillings might split and break or even fall out.  That’s when you’ll need to see our emergency dentist.

Just one of our alternatives to silver/mercury dental fillings at Dental Associates of Florida in Tampa are restorative inlays and onlays that match the color of your existing healthy teeth.  They’re a great choice for people who want natural looking fillings.  Unlike traditional dental fillings, inlays and onlays:

  • Can’t be noticed
  • Add strength to teeth
  • Offer a tighter and better fit in or on the affected tooth
  • Are far more cosmetically pleasing than traditional fillings
  • They can be used on either front or rear teeth

Other alternatives to  silver/mercury dental fillings that match the shade of your teeth have also been developed.  We work with those types of dental fillings too.  Whether it’s for routine dental care, dental fillings or an emergency dentist, contact us at Dental Associates of Florida in Tampa for a consultation and evaluation for you or any member of your family.  We take patients of all ages.  Contact us to schedule an appointment.  Remember that we can work with you on the invisible alternatives to traditional silver/mercury dental fillings.  At Dental Associates of Florida, your smile is included in every visit.