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There exists a huge controversy about the materials used
for dental fillings. The dentists at the Dental Associates of Florida are very aware of this challenge about materials used for dental fillings.

The controversy about dental fillings is about the use of the toxic metal mercury as part of the amalgam (mixture) that makes what went by the name of “silver” fillings. The name of “silver” for these dental fillings represents more of the color and not the actual main metal used for the dental fillings. These mercury amalgam dental fillings used to repair damage done by caries (cavities caused by tooth decay) were popular since the 1950s and a cosmetic dentist may still use this material today.

Research scientists challenged the safety of using mercury, which is a known neurotoxin and attempted to show through studies that over time the mercury used in amalgam for tooth fillings would leech from the teeth to enter the system of the person who had such compounds as fillings in their teeth. Amalgam is a composite material that is about 50% mercury mixed with other metals such as copper, silver, and tin. Most working as a cosmetic dentist do not use amalgam.

Under intense pressure from consumer advocate groups, the FDA did issue a mild warning that mercury amalgam might propose a mild risk. Nevertheless, the FDA conclusion was that mercury amalgam fillings were generally safe for adults and children over the age of six, as they have been for over 150 years.

Regardless of the FDA opinion, WebMD notes there is now a wide choice of filling materials offered by a cosmetic dentist, which include:

  • amalgam
  • gold
  • ceramic
  • hard plastic
  • composite resin

All of these choices are available when working with a professional cosmetic dentist. The choice of the materials used for dental fillings by the cosmetic dentist for dental fillings comes from a sincere and open discussion with the cosmetic dentist about the benefits of one type of dental fillings material over another.

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