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Dental Fillings Plant City

Many think that once a tooth has decay, a one-time visit to the emergency dentist fixes the problem. Yes it does for a while, maybe a long while. The emergency dentist does a great job and fixes the problem. Nevertheless, nothing is really completely permanent, because things happen later in life that cause the dental fillings to wear down, fall out, break up, and generally not do the job they were originally trying to accomplish.

Think of it this way, so far no car manufacturers have been able to make a set of tires that lasts as long as a new car. Tires wear out, so you change them for new ones. This is a metaphor, but the same is true for dental fillings. Now, the American population gets older, because all the baby boomers have started to mature. Those terrific dental fillings we got in our teenage years and young adulthood are likely to be wearing out a bit. Be happy, they lasted a lot longer than a set of tires.

On your next regular visit for an oral exam or if you wait until you need an emergency dentist, it is not only about fixing any new cavities. Now, it is also about asking the emergency dentist if old dental fillings can use a fix up as well. There has been much advancement in the past thirty years in what an emergency dentist or restorative dentist can do with dental fillings. Why not take advantage of it?

If you are about fifty years-old or older, it is time for a dental tune-up. The benefits are:

  • Older dental fillings are restored
  • More modern materials are available for dental fillings
  • With upgraded dental fillings, you get to keep your real teeth longer
  • You can consult with the dentist about any innovative options

Some people do not consult with a dentist on their dental fillings until it is already a problem. They need an emergency dentist. It happens. Don’t beat yourself up over this. Nevertheless, better to have good tires and good teeth too, than waiting for the last moment to go in for a tune-up. Contact us and make an appointment today for an oral exam. You deserve it.