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Dental ImplantsA tooth consists of the crown and the root below it.  The crown is what we see.  Crowns are primarily used for chewing, but they also help maintain the shape of our faces.  The root attaches to the jaw.  It helps the crown maintain its position.  Dental implants replace tooth roots. They work as anchors for an artificial tooth or even a complete set of replacement teeth.

Anybody with adult teeth can be a suitable candidate for dental implants. If you’ve lost one or more teeth as a result of an accident, disease or decay, you’ll probably want a consultation and evaluation by one of our dentists.  If teeth fillings are ruled out, dental implants might be a viable alternative.  Just some of the benefits of dental implants are:

  • They look natural, and they inhibit shrinkage of the jawbone
  • Speech is improved without the clicking denture noises
  • Chewing efficiency is comparable to that of natural teeth
  • They don’t have to be removed like dentures
  • They improve your appearance, and your self-confidence and self-esteem in social and business settings

Teeth fillings are the prudent and conservative alternative to dental implants, but teeth fillings are often out of the question due to the extent of dental damage.  Our dentists at Dental Associates of Florida possess decades of the necessary training, experience and skill required to perform dental implants on patients of all ages.  Modern diagnostics and significantly improved procedures have resulted in increased numbers of patients being suitable candidates for dental implants.

Whether your inquiry is about teeth fillings, dental implants or any other dental procedures that we perform in Tampa, New Tampa, Brandon and surrounding regions, contact us at Dental Associates of Florida for a consultation and evaluation.