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Dental Implants in Tampa & Neighboring Cities

dental implantsTeeth that are missing due to damage, disease or decay can affect anyone at any age. If you or someone in your family is dealing with a gapped smile, our dentists at Dental Associates of Florida can fix your teeth and restore them back to their prior state. Dental implants can be performed on patients of all ages and will replace a missing tooth with a natural looking, permanent crown. Second to real teeth, your dental implants can be implemented and treated at your local dentistry office. These crowns are installed by attaching a post onto the jawbone directly, ensuring the best fit for a strong and healthy smile. Dental implants are the closest replacement procedures to your original teeth and can replace one, a few or all of your teeth as needed. The staff at our dentistry offices are available to evaluate your current oral health state and make recommendations for treatments that are unique to you and your teeth.

Some benefits of dental implants include:

  • Permanent – With proper care, implants can withstand a lifetime of wear with small modifications along the way from your local dentistry office.
  • Natural – Made with strong, technologically advanced material, your replacement crown is built to blend into your smile naturally and with ease.
  • Healthy jawbone – Missing teeth can lead to the deterioration of the jawbone. Dental implants can help to spare the bone and restore the bone growth.
  • Long-term tooth health – Cavities are unable to form on the newly replaced, faux tooth, though proper oral health care is still advised.
  • Restored confidence – With an implant replacement tooth, your confidence will become restored. Not having to worry about loose dentures or a gapped smile, you will no longer have to worry about your teeth.

Dental Associates of Florida will provide you with a dentist experienced in your specific dentistry needs. Your consultation will consist primarily of discussing symptoms and any requests you may have. X-rays or molds may be taken, if needed. Dependent on your personal treatment plan, our dentistry offices offer affordable prices on our procedures and treatments. Financing is available to those who qualify.

Taking care of your smile and jawbones are extremely important to your overall health. Make an appointment today for a consultation with one of our dentists to determine if dental implants are necessary for you. We are proud to provide dentistry-related services to those located in Tampa and neighboring cities.