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Dental Offices Near Me It can happen quickly, and when you are eating something hard and crunchy or have received an injury to your face, chipping a tooth is not unheard of. Teeth are made up of extremely strong and durable materials, but they have their limits. If your tooth was weakened by preexisting decay or simply hit in the right spot, you may feel a piece of it break off. Not to worry. If you schedule a dental appointment immediately, a dentist may be able to recover it. Don’t search for dental offices near me. Instead, call Dental Associates of Florida to see one of our best dentists as soon as possible. Our staff is extremely experienced in fixing a chipped tooth and dealing with a broad assortment of other dental related issues. Whether it can be salvaged with a cap or veneer to fix the affected area, it’s a wise decision to receive professional care straightaway.

If you don’t search for dental offices near me at all and put off treatment, you could be at risk for an infection, and when you don’t receive treatment to your chipped tooth right away, you could damage the tooth further or suffer from a severe infection of the tooth. Both can lead to the loss of the tooth, which is what our dentists want to avoid at all costs. Saving natural teeth is our primary goal, and we will do anything we can to ensure you keep your original tooth. Prior to your visit, you can adhere to some precautions to lower your risk for infection or damage. Some self-care actions you can take include:

  • Taking an over-the-counter pain reliever such as acetaminophen
  • Rinsing with warm salt water to remove bacteria
  • Covering the jagged edge of the remaining tooth with a piece of wax to avoid damage to your tongue or mouth
  • Avoiding eating, but if you need to eat, eat softer foods and avoid biting down on the affected tooth

When you search for Dental Associates of Florida dental offices near me, schedule an appointment right away. We will fix your chipped tooth and return you back to optimal oral health. We will recommend a treatment plan or procedure based on the extent of the damage that has occurred. Whether we administer bonding, a crown or a porcelain veneer, your tooth can be restored to its original look and feel. If you require a root canal due to infection, we will let you know as well. Whatever it takes to eliminate your pain and help you regain the function of your tooth, we will do it.

Search for Dental Associates of Florida dental offices near me and schedule an appointment to fix your chipped tooth. We are widely experienced in providing emergency dental care and share a main goal of saving your teeth in the most efficient manner. Contact one of our offices in Tampa, Homosassa Springs, Winter Haven, Spring Hill, Brooksville and neighboring areas for an appointment today.