Dental Services

Dental Associates of Florida Provides Dental Services To Patients In The Greater Tampa Bay area.

Dental Associates of Florida understands how important personalized treatment is to each individual’s oral health. We are happy to address your concerns of dental hygiene and recommend a treatment that will best suit your needs and lifestyle. Our doctors are specialized in not only preventative care, but also cosmetic dentistry and restorative dental services along with an array of other specialty areas as well. Contact one of our locations today to schedule an appointment where we can diagnose and provide a treatment plan which best suits you.

Areas We Service

  • Tampa
  • New Tampa
  • Central Brandon
  • South Brandon
  • Bartow
  • Brooksville
  • Lakeland
  • Plant City
  • Winter Haven
  • Sun City

Dental Associates of Florida Dental Services Include:

Teeth Whitening | Tampa, Plant City, Lakeland, Bartow, Lakeland, Winter Haven Whitening: Teeth whitening gel and trays can be made in house and given for you to take home.  This is dental strength whitening you can’t buy in stores and only available from a Cosmetic Dentist.
Crowns: Cover the entire tooth, to restore severe decay, broken, mal-alignment, or full mouth reconstruction of teeth.  All crowns are fabricated in an outside lab, and our lab offers the fastest turn around in Lakeland. our team of experiences dentists are ready to answer your questions about dental crowns
Onlays and Inlays | Tampa, Plant City, lakeland, Bartow, Sun City, Winter Haven Onlays & Inlays: Are porcelain restorations that can be used when there is too much tooth structure gone that a filling cannot restore, but enough enamel that a crown is not needed.
Bridges: With a bridgework case, they are used to replace a missing tooth whether existing (previously extracted) or initial (meaning first time extraction with a bridge to replace the missing tooth).  Replacing missing teeth (or closing in the gap between teeth) is extremely important for your bite.  Your teeth shift and move on a daily basis, and it’s important for our teeth to have a partner to work with to keep your bite in place.  Last thing our bite needs is to shift out of alignment or this will create more problems.  All dental bridges are fabricated in an outside lab, and again our lab offers the fastest turn around in Lakeland.
 Veneers | Tampa, Plant City, lakeland, Bartow, Sun City, Winter Haven Veneers: Is a thin layer of porcelain used on your smile line teeth to restore mal-positioned teeth, crowding, or discoloration as a permanent solution. To learn more about our Cosmetic Dentist and porcelain veneers please schedule an appointment. 
Implants: Are also used to replace missing teeth.  The implant body (screw) is placed in the bone below the gum line, and the implant crown is attached after initial healing.  Or you can use implants to help stabilize dentures.Learn more about dental implants here, or schedule an appointement. 
 Teeth Bonding | Tampa, Plant City, lakeland, Bartow, Sun City, Winter Haven
Bonding: Same tooth color material (resin) used to restore old filings, small chips, decay, or stain.
Root Canals: Generally are completed after a tooth has been infected by removing the nerve tissue of the tooth. Crown restoration follows after to stabilize the strength of the tooth. If you are unsure which direction to move forward in, either a filling or a root canal, one of our experienced dentist can handle your situation with care.
 Dentures | Tampa, Plant City, lakeland, Bartow, Sun City, Winter Haven Dentures & Partials: Are another form of replacing multiple missing teeth at one time directly after extractions, or replacing existing dentures or a partial that is currently unserviceable to you. To find out more about if dentures are right for you contact us today!