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dentistryIf you or a family member has been feeling pain due to a toothache, you may need to make a visit to a local dentistry office.  An endodontist on staff here at Dental Associates of Florida can treat the inside of the tooth and root for you, alleviating any pain you may be feeling. Our endodontist specializes in taking care of the inner tooth and roots and are the experts of root canals and various treatments. Whether you are referred to our endodontist by your general dentist or choose to see one yourself, you will be treated with ease and efficiency. One of our dentistry offices will be able to accommodate you throughout the treatment process. Our dentistry staff will evaluate your current oral health and take x-rays to see what is happening deep below the gum line.

Endodontists perform the following dentistry procedures:

  • Root canal treatments to remove any infected tooth pulp within the tooth.
  • Endodontic re-treatment, a dentistry procedure performed if a root canal has failed or there is pulp damaged due to injury.
  • Surgical dentistry procedures sometimes need to be done, such as the removal of infected or damaged tissue at the end of the root.

If you are referred to an endodontist for root canal therapy, fear not. The discomfort is compared to that of getting a cavity filled, and it actually alleviates the pain of your former toothache completely. Per your dentistry needs, our dentists will ensure that you receive the care and results you desire. Our dentistry staff is attentive and experienced, adhering to distinct treatment plans that will provide you with a healthy and bright smile.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment at one of our dentistry offices. With choices of a family dentist to an endodontist, we offer a wide selection of services to fit your needs. We are proudly serving those located in Brandon, Lakeland and surrounding areas.