Dentures In Tampa

Dentures In Tampa, Winter Haven, Spring Hill, Brooksville, & Surrounding Areas

Dentures In Tampa

While implants are growing in popularity, dentures are still a great way to replace missing teeth. Some people have health issues that prevent them from having implants while others may find the cost of implants to be too high. Even those who do eventually intent to get implants will need to have temporary dentures put in by an emergency dentist to prevent the teeth from shifting before implants are installed. 

Dental Associates of Florida offer regular and emergency dentist services for children and adults who need dentures. The clinic provides comprehensive care and can not only provide dentures but also handle related tasks such as tooth extraction and implants. Other regular and emergency dentist services offered include:

  • Walk-in care
  • Oral Surgery
  • Gum disease treatment
  • Cosmetic treatments
  • Veneers, whitening and crowns

There are six Dental Associates of Florida clinics to pick from, enabling you to find a good regular or emergency dentist near your home or workplace. Each clinic is approved by major insurers so you can get compensation for your dentures as your insurance agency allows. All dentists are experienced, hold themselves to a high standard of excellence and offer gentle care. In fact, appointments are scheduled in such a way as to allow dentists to have time to communicate with patients while providing care; this ensures that the treatment given suits the patient’s needs and wishes. 

If you need dentures and/or other forms of regular or emergency dentist care, contact us and make an appointment with any one of our clinics or simply walk in at your convenience. We take pride in providing you with top notch care and offer dentures that are not only comfortable and properly fitted but also the same color as your regular teeth.