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Dentures New Tampa

Dentures are quite common. Partial dentures can be put in to cover broken teeth while complete dentures are used if one or more teeth must be completely removed. Immediate dentures are sometimes offered to provide immediate teeth after a tooth extraction; however, you will want to get fitted for regular dentures once the gums have healed, as the gums tend to shrink during the healing process.

A dental bridge can be a viable alternative to dentures. Crowns are put in place on the teeth on either side of the gap to hold the dental bridge in place and the crowns can be anchored to either natural teeth or implants. Dental bridge options include traditional, cantilever and Maryland bonded dental bridges.

Dental Associates of Florida offers top notch dentists who have a great deal of experience working with both dental bridge placement and dentures. What is more, every single Dental Associates of Florida clinic also offers:

  • Gentle dentistry
  • Top notch materials and technology
  • Help with insurance forms
  • Walk-in service

The type of replacement teeth you opt for will likely depend on age, state of health, how or why you lost teeth in the first place and financial concerns. A dentist from Dental Associates of Florida will outline the pros and cons of each teeth replacement option and provide wise counsel that will enable you to pick the best form of treatment.

If you need dentures or a dental bridge, contact us or simply pay a visit to the clinic nearest your home. We offer friendly service, personalized care and various dental replacement options at various price points. We also provide financing to make it easy for those who do not have dental insurance to obtain needed treatment without undue delay.