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DenturesWhether you are in need of full or partial dentures, Dental Associates is always ready and willing to offer you affordable treatment plans. When you perform a search for a dentist near me, you aren’t always guaranteed to find a dental practice with all of the experience and specialties you need to make them your one-stop source for all of your dental care, including general dentistry, denture creation and placement and more.

For those with no salvable teeth remaining, our dentists can fit you with a full, or complete, set of dentures. These dentures can either be made to go in immediately following your final tooth extractions or placed some time later. Advantages to waiting for healing time to occur are that the gums tend to shrink over time, and by waiting, your dentures are more likely to have a strong, secure fit. Of course, many people do not wish to wait and feel more confident having their dentures placed immediately, and that is an option we will offer to our patients as well.

If you are only missing some teeth, partial sets may be a better long-term solution for you. By using dentures in some places to fill in any gaps, you can feel more confident in your smile.

We also offer other cosmetic dentistry treatments, in addition to our broad range of general dentistry services. These can include:

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Dental Implants
  • Tooth Straightening
  • Veneers

Dental implants can be a great solution for those looking to avoid partial dentures. With a more natural look and feel, dental implants can be combined with dental bridges to replace lost or missing teeth. While dentures are typically a more cost-effective procedure, dental implants are more and more often the route that our patients wish to take. Whichever treatment plan you choose, each member of our staff will be there to walk you through the process every step of the way.

Instead of doing a search for a dentist near me, contact Dental Associates today. We offer family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and more. At Dental Associates, you truly become a member of the family, and we are confident you will notice how at ease and comfortable your experience with us is, from the moment you walk in the door.