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Emergency Dental Care in Haines City, New Tampa, Bloomingdale & Neighboring Cities

Emergency Dental CareFinding quality emergency dental care for you and your family is critical. If it’s an urgent matter, an emergency dentist must be available to treat a patient quickly to handle a tooth extraction, tooth repair or any other type of procedure.

Common dental emergencies:

  • A missing tooth (also known as tooth avulsion) – Treatment calls for splinting and re-implantation
  • A loose tooth (also called tooth luxation) – Treatment may involve splinting, extraction or other tooth repair
  • A broken tooth or fracture – Dental fillings might be used, or one or more teeth may need to be extracted
  • A soft tissue bacterial infection (also called cellulitis) – Swelling and pain might require extraction or antibiotics
  • A localized bacterial infection (usually called an abscess) – Can be managed with incision and drainage, or extraction
  • A pulpal inflammation (also referred to as reversible pulpitis) – This infection is painful with any sweet, cold, or hot stimuli, and the most common treatment is a dental filling

The most typical dental emergency is a toothache. Whenever you experience severe oral pain, you’ll need emergency dental care. A chipped or broken tooth needs repair quickly as well, and a dentist will need to reinsert any tooth that has been knocked out as soon as possible. Other events that require emergency care include lost fillings or crowns, objects caught between teeth, oral soft tissue injuries and abscesses.

If you need a repair and/or any other emergency dental care procedures, contact the staff of Dental Associates of Florida today. We have several dental offices staffed with walk-in dentists, and we are very happy to serve Haines City, New Tampa, Bloomingdale and neighboring cities.