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Emergency Dentist in Brandon, Riverview, Bloomingdale & Beyond

Emergency DentistOur emergency dentist knows experiencing discomfort and pain raises questions about the health of your teeth and gums. When you visit a dental clinic, you can address problems before they lead to much more complicated situations. Unfortunately, you can’t totally prevent accidents that damage your teeth or surprise toothaches that distract from your lifestyle.

By visiting our emergency dentist when accidents or unexpected issues arise, you handle the emergency rapidly and can move ahead with your regular activities. You can visit our dental clinic for severe toothaches, a tooth that is chipped, cracked or broken, a lost or knocked out tooth, issues with the wires of your braces or any other unforeseen problems that cause you oral pain. It is always an emergency when pain causes swelling, even if it does not seem like a very complicated situation.

Dental Associates of Florida has an outstanding emergency dentist at each of our six clinics in Central Florida, and they are more than equipped to handle a great variety of complications or problems as they occur.

The benefits of visiting a dental office for emergency problems include:

  • Treating a tooth immediately after an accident to prevent decay or further complications
  • Eliminating pain or discomfort
  • Repairing damage to fillings, braces or other previous treatments
  • Taking down any swelling in a timely manner
  • Replacing a lost or damaged tooth
  • Tooth extraction, if necessary

Emergency treatments prevent the need for more complicated treatment programs and reduce long-term problems with teeth. It behooves you to handle a situation before it gets out of control, so that your gums and teeth stay as healthy as possible. There are several reasons why a tooth extraction may be necessary. If you have wisdom teeth, a dental abscess, a badly traumatized tooth or even one that you simply feel is unattractive, you should make an appointment for a tooth extraction as soon as possible.

If you are seeking an emergency dentist for a tooth extraction or other dental problem, should look no further than Dental Associates of Florida. Contact us today to set up an appointment or get more information about our dentists serving those in Brandon, Riverview, Bloomingdale and beyond.