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Emergency Dentist in Tampa, Brandon & Surrounding Cities

emergency dentistWhen there is an emergency regarding the health of your teeth, you need to feel secure in calling someone who you can trust. Here at Dental Associates of Florida, we have an emergency dentist just right for you. Skilled and experienced in handling urgent situations and injured teeth, our staff understands that things happen and being available to you in a time of need is remarkably important. Whether you need to save a tooth, to have a tooth extraction or simply need stitches, our emergency dentist will assist you with any dental injuries you may have.

Examples of emergency situations include:

  • Forcefully knocked-out teeth.
  • Adult teeth that have fallen out.
  • Chipped or cracked teeth.
  • Any injury to the gums or mouth.
  • Extreme infection or abscess.
  • Extreme and abnormal pain.
  • Emergency tooth extraction

Dental emergencies require immediate care, and you may need a tooth extraction or repair as fast as possible. Our dentist will ensure that the utmost attention is taken regarding your injured teeth and advise you of any treatment plans or next steps you may need to take. If necessary, x-rays, molds or possibly surgical procedures may be ordered in the event of an emergency. To avoid a trip to the emergency dentist or needing an extraction, make sure to stay up to date with your routine cleanings and checkups. Taking extra precautions while participating in strenuous or sporting activities is also advised.

There is no need to stress when an emergency dentist is needed, when you are a patient at Dental Associates of Florida. Our main priority is providing you with prompt, quality care. Contact us now if you or a family member is in need of any dental or emergency services. We are proud to serve those living in Tampa, Brandon and surrounding cities.