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Emergency Root Canal in Tampa, Brandon, Brooksville and Neighboring Cities

Emergency Root CanalAre you looking for an emergency root canal? Perhaps you have just moved into the area and are having a dental emergency. We’re glad you have found your way to Dental Associates of Florida. If you are looking for the best dentist to perform an emergency root canal, then you have definitely come to the right dental clinic!

A root canal is a necessary procedure to save a badly decayed, infected, painful injured tooth. A root canal can be done to teeth with roots connecting them to the jawbone, just like the roots of a tree that connect it to the land below it. Inside this tooth root is a nerve that is sensitive to temperature. Infected teeth that are in need of a root canal ache in a stronger way than other teeth. Some people call this a “deeper” bone ache. This tooth can hurt very much when you chew, because your chewing puts pressure on the root.

This root can also be extremely sensitive, and hurts when you put hot or cold temperatures inside your mouth. in combination with this terrible pain, you might be suffering from swollen gums near the base of the tooth. There’s no two ways about it – you need the best dentist possible to do an emergency root canal. Dental Associates of Florida has that doctor, so you are in luck!

Why should you have a root canal?

  • Your tooth can be saved
  • The pain will stop
  • It will eliminate infection

Many times, you will only need one dentist visit to treat an emergency root canal. There are other times when the infection is more severe, and it might require two or more dentist visits. Contact us as soon as possible for your emergency root canal in Tampa, Brandon, Brooksville and neighboring cities.