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EndodontistDid you know that the Dental Associates of Florida now have an endodontics specialist? An endodontist treats teeth that are infected in order to save the tooth. A root canal is one endodontic procedure. This oral surgery procedure cleans all infection located at the base of the tooth, right where it is attached to the jawbone. Root canals also disconnect all the tooth nerves, so that any pain that might occur can longer be transmitted to the brain.

The American Association of Endodontists (AAE) is a group of specialists in teeth saving. When the tooth infection occurs right at the root, an endodontic specialist can remove that infection with surgery, eliminate the pain, and end up having a functional tooth remaining in place.

A cosmetic dentist is very appreciative of the work of an endodontics specialist, because saving infected teeth makes it easier to do restorative dentistry to finish a smile makeover.

Endodontics has these advantages:

  • Pain from a bad tooth stops right after oral surgery
  • An infected tooth will eventually fall out if not saved
  • The tooth stays in place and there is no need for extraction
  • The infection is cured (removed) and cannot spread further to the bone
  • Most tooth functionality remains intact (chewing, spacing of teeth, etc.) although diminished

Consider the recommendations of a cosmetic dentist as an alternative, before deciding if a tooth should be extracted. The Dental Associates of Florida have cosmetic dentists waiting to serve you.

Contact us immediately in you live Winter Haven, Bartow and neighboring regions and are having excruciating tooth pain. Endodontics might be the perfect answer for you. Check with our endodontist or cosmetic surgeon to find the best solution.