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EndodontistEndodontics involves the treatment and maintenance of the soft interior tissue of teeth that is known as pulp, together with the roots of teeth.  All dentists receive training in endodontics, but Dental Associates of Florida has an endodontist specializing in them. Pulp disorders most commonly are the result of deep cavities or a tooth that is fractured.  It is easier to diagnose some teeth and care for pulp disorders in than others, and occasionally there are pulp disorders that are more difficult to treat..  If infected pulp is left untreated, supporting bone can be damaged, and then a root canal is necessary.

Some people get faint at the thought of oral surgery and endodontics, and shudder at the thought of getting oral surgery or a root canal.  You needn’t fear if the procedure is done by an experienced and trained endodontist or emergency dentist. They will save your tooth instead of pulling it out, and then they will implant an artificial one.  The advantages of having a root canal are:

  • Infection is stopped
  • The natural tooth is saved
  •  Protects other teeth from excessive use
  • Perfect natural appearance
  •  Normal biting feeling and force
  • No change in chewing

Our endodontist has saved thousands of teeth at Dental Associates of Florida. Our goal is to to give you a very positive experience without experiencing much pain.  You can keep your great smile, and you can keep eating all your favorite foods. Most teeth treated with endodontics can last a lifetime.

We also practice sedation dentistry, so chances are you won’t feel a thing. Contact us today in New Tampa, Tampa, Plant City and nearby areas if you or someone you know is experiencing great pain. Dental Associates of Florida can help by providing the right endodontist to alleviate your concerns!