Endontics Homosassa Springs

Endontics For Those Near Homosassa Springs, Spring Hill, Brooksville, Tampa, & Surrounding Areas

Endontics Homosassa Springs

Endontics involves treating the soft inner tissue inside the tooth.  This type of treatment can eliminate pain caused by a cracked or fractured tooth or replant a permanent tooth that has fallen or been knocked out. Root canals are sometimes provided as part of this treatment regimen.

Endontics is a specialized field. An emergency dentist may be able to provide one or more forms of endontic treatment; however, it is usually best to look for a dentist who has studied endontics and is specialized in this field. Thankfully, you can find experienced dentists of this nature at Dental Associates of Florida.

Endontics treatment provided by a regular or emergency dentist at Dental Associates of Florida will be gentle yet thorough. You can count on the dentist to:

  • Ask detailed questions
  • Address all your concerns
  • Go over your options carefully
  • Help with insurance paperwork

If you have a persistent toothache, get treatment from a general dentist as soon as possible. Doing so can mean the difference between quick recovery and invasive treatment such as a root canal. If you lose a tooth in an accident, call an emergency dentist immediately or head to the nearest clinic for walk-in service. Endontics treatment can enable an emergency dentist to successfully replant your tooth so that you will not need dentures or an implant.

Contact us to find out more about endontics treatment and how it can restore your smile and enable you to speak and eat without pain and discomfort. We offer a discounted X-ray exam rate for new patients and provide financing for those who do not have insurance. Dental Associates of Florida offers endontics treatment to children, teens and adults, along with other forms of treatment that will improve your oral health both now and in the future.