Endontics Winter Haven

Endontics In Winter Haven, Spring Hill, Brooksville, Tampa & Surrounding Areas

Endontics Winter Haven

Endontics involves treating and maintaining the soft inner tissue of teeth that’s known as the pulp along with the roots of teeth.  All dentists are trained in endontics.

Pulp disorders usually result from deep cavities or a fractured tooth.  Some teeth are easier to diagnose and treat pulp disorders in than others, and some pulp disorders are more difficult to treat than others.  If left untreated, infected pulp can damage its supporting bone, and a root canal is needed.

Some people get faint at the thought of endontics and getting a root canal.  The fear isn’t justified though if the procedure is performed by a highly trained and experienced emergency dentist trained in endontics who saves your tooth rather than extracting it and implanting an artificial one.   Most procedures involving endontics only require one or two visits.  The advantages of the root canal are:


  • No changes in chewing
  • Normal biting force and feeling
  • Perfectly natural appearance
  • Protection of other teeth from excessive use
  • Your natural tooth is saved
  • Infection is stopped

At Dental Associates of Florida, we’ve saved countless teeth.  We strive to give you a positive experience with little or no pain whatsoever.  You’ll be able to keep that great smile and continue eating all of those foods that you just can’t live without.  With appropriate care, most teeth that have undergone treatment involving endontics will last a lifetime.

At Dental Associates of Florida in Winter Haven, we practice endontics along with sedation dentistry.  You probably won’t even realize that a procedure is underway or when it’s finished.  If you or somebody in your household is experiencing tormenting tooth pain or has suffered a dental injury, contact us for an appointment.