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Full Mouth Reconstruction in Brooksville, Spring Hill & Nearby Cities

Full Mouth ReconstructionWhat is full mouth reconstruction? Stated simply, it is the usage of various dental procedures to upgrade the health and appearance of your smile. A dentist ordinarily rebuilds or restores all teeth simultaneously on the lower and upper jaws, using methods like dental veneers, dental implants, bridges and crowns, and soft tissue or bone grafting.

Dental Associates of Florida recommends full mouth reconstruction for those patients who have multiple damaged, missing, or worn down teeth. Full mouth restoration is a possibility when severely damaged teeth have created what is called a bite imbalance, which decreases a patient’s ability to chew  adequately.

If you have severely damaged teeth, or if you are impaired from temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) symptoms, such as popping sounds in your jaw and jaw pain, you might be a perfect candidate for full mouth reconstruction or restoration. Addressing TMJ issues can help prevent recurring frequent headaches as well. Restorations are highly recommended for patients who have significant gum disease, or many missing teeth that have caused a bite imbalance to occur.

There are several major benefits to going through full mouth restoration, including:

  •  Long-term improvement in oral health and a reduction in dental issues
  • Enhanced concentration, feeling of well being, and sleeping
  • Enrichment in general health by counteracting infection
  •  Thwarting of jaw problems and headaches related to dental issues
  • Increase of self-esteem and a general boost of confidence

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