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Gentle Dentist Inverness

The days of being afraid to go to a cosmetic dentist are over. A gentle dentist makes the experience pain-free and even very relaxing.
A gentle dentist offers sedation dentistry, which feels like having a treatment in a day spa.

The skills of a modern cosmetic dentist include making patients feel comfortable with the process. There is more pain associated with a bikini waxing than with a visit to a cosmetic dentist that is also a gentle dentist. The sedation levels available depend on the desires of an individual. A gentle dentist talks over the options with every patient, describes the process, and then makes a recommendation depending on the personal characteristics of each individual.

People have different preferences, which include:

  • Being awake, yet relaxed during the procedure
  • Being a bit groggy and having no memory of the procedure
  • Preferring to fall asleep
  • Being completely unconscious

There is a level of sedation that is appropriate for each person working with a cosmetic dentist. This is an individual choice, which the patient participates in making, after learning of the options from a gentle dentist. What happens after that is a brand new experience of dental procedures. Some patients feel overjoyed that the fear is gone and that the results of the dental work by a gentle dentist are so spectacular. The reasons for this are that the patient is relaxed and does not move. This makes the accurate and precise work of the gentle dentist easier. Another benefit is that the treatment sessions can be longer. There is no rush and there is plenty of time for the cosmetic dentist to do all the work necessary. This means fewer dental appointments.

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