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Gentle Dentist Winter Haven

Most people feel at least some level of anxiety about a dental appointment.  It’s almost always because of fear of pain.  A small minority of people won’t see a dentist, even if their health is jeopardized.  They live with the likelihood of gum disease and loss of teeth at a relatively early age.  Their teeth become discolored and decayed, and then the person becomes self-conscious about how they look.  That’s when they try to hide smiles.  Their speech patterns become affected, and both their personal and professional lives suffer.

gentle dentist at Dental Associates of Florida in Winter Haven is focused on providing you and your family with concerned, compassionate and gentle dental care.  He or she will inform and educate you on your condition and advise you on the gentle dental options.  With that in mind, our gentle dentist does everything that can be done to minimize any anxiety or pain that you might feel during your visit to our clinic.  

When anxiety, fear or phobia get in the way, your gentle dentist at Dental Associates of Florida might recommend sedation dentistry.  Sedation might be in the form of:

  • A local anesthetic delivered by injection
  • An oral sedative
  • Inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide through a mask
  • Adjustable IV sedation

All of these forms of sedation relax you and alleviate anxiety.  With sedation, you’ll likely be awake during your procedure, but you’ll recall little or nothing about it later.

At Dental Associates of Florida in Winter Haven, you’ll be treated by a gentle dentist who is going to make every effort at assuring that your visit is relaxing and with minimal or no pain at all.  Contact us today for an appointment and consultation with your gentle dentist in Winter Haven.