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Gum Disease in Tampa, Brandon, Bartow & Neighboring Cities

Gum DiseaseGum disease can affect anyone, and it often stems from a slow progression of gingivitis. If you are experiencing swollen gums or toothache, talking to a dentist can ensure that you are receiving proper treatment for preventing further damage or eliminating current damage. One of our skilled and practiced dentists here at Dental Associates of Florida will evaluate your overall gum and tooth health and prescribe a personalized treatment plan according to the level of damage or disease present to alleviate your toothache and address any gum disease issues.

Having gum disease or gingivitis doesn’t necessarily mean that you have neglected your oral hygiene. While plaque and tarter build up are the main causes, other contributing factors may include:

  • Hormones – Changes in hormones can make the gums more sensitive and prone to toothache, in turn creating an easier canvas for disease to develop.
  • Illness and Medication – Certain illnesses that affect the immune system can weaken your gum’s defenses. This causes them to be unable fight off infection as efficiently as they could with a healthier immune system. Certain medications also can affect oral health and create a new toothache.
  • Habits – Smoking and lack of daily maintenance can breed gingivitis or disease.

Gingivitis progresses slowly into gum disease, with or without symptoms. Therefore, it’s important to maintain your overall oral health by visiting a dental office for checkups once or twice a year as advised by your dentist. There, you can receive cleanings to remove plaque and tarter that have made their way under the gum line. Special tools and professional solutions are used to treat your teeth to bring out your healthiest smile and relieve your toothache. One of our dentists will also provide you with the knowledge to take care of your teeth properly while at home.

Schedule an appointment today with one of our dentists here at Dental Associates of Florida to prevent and treat gum disease. With affordable prices and financing to those who qualify, we are proud to serve those located in Tampa, Brandon, Bartow and neighboring cities.