Laser Dentistry Brooksville

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Laser Dentistry Brooksville

Laser dentistry is about precision. No matter how delicate the hands are of the dental surgeon using a traditional scalpel, when they use a laser dentistry tool the accuracy of the incisions are up to one thousand times better.

At Dental Associates, our laser dentistry does two things really well.

The first is that it is a powerful light with a beam of energy directed at a very specific place. It is much easier for the dentist to see what is happening, with exactitude. The second thing is this energy is so concentrated and focused it also creates a cauterization help on the site where the light passes.

This means less trauma, less pain, less bleeding, and faster recovery.

Both the dentist and patients love the laser dentistry procedures because they are supremely exact and especially useful in the time when a person needs an emergency dentist. In those conditions, those serious problems need to be dealt with fast, because the pain is intolerable.

Under sedation dentistry, a person goes to sleep for a short time and then the dentist uses the laser dentistry to do the procedure quickly and efficiently. The person wakes up with the problem fixed by the emergency dentist as if it is magic!

Here are the nicest benefits:

  • Making is easier to remove wisdom teeth
  • Preparing the gums for crowns
  • Helping with gum infections
  • Treatment of or curing cold sores

Contact Dental Associates now for an appointment and just relax, while your dentist takes care of the problem with the most advanced techniques of laser dentistry.