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Laser Dentistry Inverness

Lasers have been used in dentistry for about 25 years now.  They’re used with other dental instruments in a wide range of dental treatments and procedures.  It permits the dentist to treat a highly specific and focused area without affecting adjacent tissue.  Depending on whether the dentist is working on a tooth or tissue, he or she can control the amount of power and time that the laser is on the desired area.  Only a small percentage of dentists practice laser dentistry, so if you’re fearful or apprehensive of dental appointments, you’ll probably want to see us at Dental Associates of Florida in Inverness.  Our hands are steady and our dental treatments are gentle.  Laser dentistry can be painless, and it reduces your recovery time.

Both a family dentist and a cosmetic dentist might use laser dentistry for any number of procedures.  Because of the degree of control and accuracy that lasers permit, they’re highly effective in procedures like:

  • Treating cavities
  • Treating cold sores and oral lesions
  • Plaque removal and teeth cleaning
  • Surgical procedures
  • Cosmetic smile makeovers

A smile makeover is performed by a cosmetic dentist who enhances how your smile looks through a combination of different dental procedures.  A cosmetic dentist practices artistry and dentistry using veneers, whiteners, bonding or implants and other cosmetic dental techniques that give your smile a clean and new look.  Your appearance, confidence and self-esteem are going to shoot through the clouds.

The Dental Associates of Florida clinic in Inverness, not only offers laser dentistry, but we also have a cosmetic dentist on our staff.  We treat patients of all ages, so we’ll be pleased to be your family dentist too.  Contact us for your family dentistry, laser dentistry or for a cosmetic dentist.  There’s a smile included in every visit.