Laser Dentistry New Tampa

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Laser Dentistry New Tampa

Lasers aren’t anything new to dentistry.  Laser dentistry has been around for about 25 years now, and when appropriate, lasers are a very safe and effective dental tool.  Here at our Dental Associates of Florida clinic in New Tampa, Dr. Todd Wiener is our restorative dentist who repairs or replaces damaged or defective teeth and their supporting structures.  Dr. Wiener is specially trained in laser dentistry, and uses it in conjunction with other dental devices when practicing restorative dentistry.

Light from a laser dental instrument affects tissue.  Lasers can be used to remove or shape dental tissue in a variety of dental procedures like:

  • Removal of gum tissue
  • Treating gum disease
  • Exposing partially erupted wisdom teeth
  • Managing gum tissue for crown impressions
  • Reshaping gum and bone tissue

With laser dentistry, there are no drills.  There’s no heat, vibration, pressure or that dreadful high-pitched whirring noise.   Since there aren’t any scalpels, there aren’t any stitches either.  Dr. Wiener can perform many laser dentistry procedures painlessly and without any anesthetics at all.

For the restorative dentist, laser dentistry is the optimal and preferred modality of dental care and treatment.  Thousands of dentists across the globe have performed millions of laser dentistry procedures with no anesthetics and no pain.  Lasers don’t affect adjacent teeth and dental structures with vibrations.  They’re particularly appropriate with babies, children and pregnant women.

Laser dentistry at Dental Associates of Florida doesn’t cost anything more than conventional dentistry either.  Don’t put off seeing a restorative dentist like Dr. Wiener out of fear.  Your comfort, health and smile are his priorities. 
Contact Dental Associates of Florida in New Tampa so you can learn more about how your restorative dentist can treat you with a laser.  We want you smiling painlessly.