Laser Dentistry Spring Hill

Laser Dentistry in Spring Hill, Tampa, Brooksville, Lakeland, Winter Haven, & Surrounding Areas

Laser Dentistry Spring Hill

Laser dentistry is just one of the tools that Dental Associates dentists used to perform procedures. Because of the accuracy of the laser, some procedures performed in laser dentistry are better than by using a dental drill or scalpel.

There are specialized lasers used in a dental clinic for procedures performed on teeth and other types used for soft tissue procedures, such as problems with the gums.

The lasers used in laser dentistry produce a high-energy light beam. When used for dental surgery procedures, there is little bleeding, bacterial infection in minimized because the light-beam sterilizes the area, damage to the surrounding area is less, and wounds heal more quickly. There is usually no need for stitches for the wounds because the laser makes tiny incisions that seal themselves quickly due to the focused heat. There is a special type of low intensity soft tissue laser that works with teeth-whitening chemicals that activates the whitening solution used by our dental clinic.

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Many patients visiting our dental clinic feel less anxiety with laser dentistry because of their dislike of dental drills. Lasers are very accurate and destroy bacteria in the tooth cavity areas, making the filling of the tooth have a better result over the long term. Contact our dental clinic to learn more about how laser dentistry will benefit you and to schedule an appointment for an evaluation.

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