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Laser Dentistry in Tampa, Brooksville, New Tampa & Neighboring Areas

Laser DentistryDental Associates would like to introduce you to the advanced world of laser dentistry. Laser dentistry is all about precision. No matter how delicate the dental surgeon’s hands are in using a traditional scalpel, the incision accuracy is up to one thousand times better when they employ laser dentistry techniques.

The first thing that occurs is a powerful light with a beam of energy is directed at an exact location in your mouth. This light makes it much easier for the dentist to see what is happening, allowing him to work with precision. This energy is so concentrated and focused that it creates a cauterization on the site where the light passes through. This means less pain, trauma and bleeding, and a much faster recovery.

Both dentists and patients love laser procedures because they are so exact, and they’re especially useful during the time when a person needs an emergency dentist as quickly as possible. In those conditions, serious problems must be dealt with fast, because the pain you have might be intolerable. In addition to laser dentistry, Dental Associates also offers a wide assortment of services:

  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Smile Makeovers
  • Gum Surgery and Root Canals
  • Implants and Dentures
  • Oral Exams and Cleaning
  • Endodontics

We’d like you to understand that your local family dentist is equipped with the very latest dental equipment and technology. We offer comprehensive dental care for your whole family, including children, teens and adults. We specialize in giving our patients the best care possible at all times, while maintaining our status as one of the most affordable dentist offices in your area.

Striving to be an affordable dentist for all customers, we also have a variety of financial options for you and your family. Contact Dental Associates today for an appointment to discuss how we use the most advanced techniques of laser dentistry, while at the same time remaining a high-quality, affordable dentist. We are very proud to serve those in Tampa, Brooksville, New Tampa and surrounding areas.