Laser Dentistry Winter Haven

Laser Dentistry For Winter Haven, Spring Hill, Brooksville, Tampa & Surrounding Areas

Laser Dentistry Winter Haven

Laser dentistry is far more comfortable than any other dental treatment modality.  Although your dentist at Dental Associates of Florida in Winter Haven already has a well-trained and steady hand, laser dentistry provides higher precision and remarkably better results than conventional dentistry.

Laser dentistry involves both the hard tissue of the teeth and supporting bones and the soft tissue of the gums and muscles.  Our dentists use laser dentistry for purposes that include:

  • Whitening
  • Recontouring gums in gingivectomies
  • Preparing gums for impressions
  • Lesion and sore removal
  • Biopsies

Our modern technology laser dentistry techniques provide patients with the opportunity for little or no pain at all along with substantially shorter recovery time.  For children, those with special needs or those who get particularly anxious about seeing an emergency dentist, laser dentistry offers the highest state-of-the-art dental treatment with the most painless results.  That dreaded high-pitched sound of a drill is gone.  Patient’s only hear occasional clicking of the instrument.  Most laser dental treatments don’t require anesthesia, and the chances of a bacterial infection after laser treatment are greatly reduced because of the precision of lasers.  They’re far more accurate and sterile than conventional dental instruments, and accidental injuries to the mouth, gums and cheeks are just about ruled out.

You can learn more about either laser dentistry or our emergency dentist by contacting us a Dental Associates of Florida in Winter Haven.  Whether your procedure is going to be restorative or cosmetic, laser dentistry could be the alternative of choice for you.  Contact us to set an appointment, and you can learn whether laser dentistry is the right choice for your dental needs.  Remember, at Dental Associates of Florida, we treat patients of all ages, and an emergency dentist is always on staff too.