Oral Exam Brooksville

Oral Exam in Brooksville, Tampa, Lakeland, Winter Haven, Spring Hill, & Surrounding Areas

Oral Exam Brooksville

At Dental Associates, we kwow that a comprehensive dental oral exam, conducted on a regular basis, is a key component in overall health care.

Researchers discovered negative effects from not having a regular oral exam. Poor dental hygiene is a contributing factor in serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis, and pneumonia. Just like getting a regular checkup from a physician for the rest of the body, it is just as important to have regular oral exam.

Information and treatments done by the dentist during an oral exam are part of your complete medial history, which you should share with both your doctor and your dentist. Tell the dentist during the oral exam if you are taking any medications. Also, bring your full medical records to the oral exam.

A comprehensive oral exam includes cleaning of the teeth, checking for cavities (dental x-rays as needed), noting misaligned and damaged teeth. Our dentist will discuss needed treatments, dental hygiene habits, and diet. We will also give you advice about cosmetic dentistry.

Some of the dental services Dental Associates offers our patients include:

Regular oral exams let your dentist discover any potential problems at the earliest possible stage when they are most easy to treat. During a comprehensive oral exam, if there are conditions needing attention, the dentist will discuss many of the options for treatment and talk with you about how to use cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile. Give us a call to make an appointment for an oral exam, especially if it has been quite awhile since you have seen a dentist.

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