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Oral Exam Inverness

A cosmetic dentist from Dental Associates of Florida provides an
oral exam that differs slightly depending on the age of the patient. Good dental care starts early in life. With proper attention through a regular oral exam, teeth last a lifetime.

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends the first visit for a child to have an oral exam by the dentist be before the third birthday at 31 months. In the oral exam, the cosmetic dentist will check for cavities and any early sign of problems with how the teeth are coming in. Some children need help learning how not to suck on thumbs and fingers. Excessive thumb sucking that lasts longer than a normal development process is able to cause future problems with the alignment of the teeth. As children grow older and lose their baby teeth, a cosmetic dentist will make recommendations if the teeth need adjustment. Teenagers frequently benefit from invisible braces that boost self-esteem. Another common problem is the need to have wisdom teeth removed.

As we become adults, the comprehensive oral exam combined with a regular cleaning by a cosmetic dentist is the pathway to maintain good oral health. One of the troubles of older adults is gum disease. Estimates from the ADA are that up to three-quarters of adults over the age of 60 have gingivitis. Gingivitis is the beginning stage of gum disease. When gingivitis is not treated, it progresses to periodontal disease. This condition is more serious and may result in the loss of a tooth.

Here is what is included in a comprehensive oral exam:

  • X-rays are taken, if needed, to find cavities and identify other dental problems.
  • The cosmetic dentist conducts a thorough search of the mouth in the oral exam.
  • The dentist checks the roof of the mouth.
  • Examines the gum line.
  • Looks under the tongue.
  • Checks for swelling in the lymph nodes.
  • Looks for any evidence of infection and oral cancer during the oral exam.

The cosmetic dentist gently probes any damaged teeth, looks carefully at them from all sides using a small mirror, and then makes recommendations for treatment. Contact us for an appointment at any of the offices of Dental Associates of Florida located in Inverness, Bartow, Brandon, Brooksville, Lakeland, Plant City, Sun City, Tampa, and Winter Haven, to get a comprehensive oral exam for yourself and your children.