Oral Exam Tampa

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Oral Exam Tampa

During a comprehensive oral exam, our dentist at Dental Associates will ask many questions about your general health. That is the “oral exam” part of the dental oral exam. Do not worry; it is not possible to fail this test. Just answer the questions as truthfully as possible.

Besides examining the teeth both visually and with x-rays if needed, the emergency dentist will examine both the inside of the mouth and the surrounding areas outside of the mouth.

Our dentist will examine the floor and roof of the mouth. The dentist will gently pull your tongue out of the mouth, using a piece of sterile gauze in order to look underneath it.

They will look for things like swollen lymph nodes in the neck area and under the jaw by feeling for them.

Dental Associates also provides the following dental services:

Planning for good oral health begins with a regular full dental checkup. Get advice about restorative work and early detection of serious diseases. Contact Dental Associates today and make an appointment today for the newest state-of-the-art comprehensive oral exam.