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Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is of the utmost importance. Any dentist, periodontist or endodontist will tell you that excellent oral hygiene is the single most important thing you can do to promote optimal oral health. But what are the current recommendations for protecting your teeth and gums? Below, you will find our guide to maintaining superior oral hygiene habits.

Step 1: Brush 2-3 times daily for a minimum of two minutes each time. Your dentist can talk to you about proper brushing techniques, but moderate pressure and vigorous back and forth brushing with a soft bristle brush should suffice in most cases.

Step 2: Floss daily to protect your gums and remove plaque. Your periodontist will be able to show you proper flossing techniques. In fact, your periodontist may even have additional recommendations for you to protect your teeth and gums.

Step 3: Rinse with a tartar control, germ-fighting mouthwash 1-2 times per day. All dental professionals, from your dentist and periodontist to your endodontist and family dentist will recommend additional rinsing when possible. This extra step can help to kill germs that may have been missed by improper brushing or flossing.

Step 4: Visit your dentist regularly. Even those with the most thorough oral cleaning routines require semi-annual trips to the dentist to ensure no underlying oral health conditions are present.

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