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Oral Surgery in Brooksville, Brandon, Bloomingdale & Surrounding Regions

Oral SurgeryYou might cringe whenever you hear the words oral surgery. That’s normal and very common. However, just like dental implants, you don’t have to cringe or wince whenever root canals are mentioned, because you have an expert family dentist from Dental Associates of Florida waiting to help you through the procedure. Our dentists are here to assure you that root canals in Brooksville are as comfortable and pain free as possible.

How can you tell if you need a root canal?

  • Chewing causes discomfort
  •  Cold or hot temperatures cause discomfort
  • Gums (near the infected tooth) are tender and swollen
  • Tooth discoloration

Just the way an ordinary tooth being filled or dental implants cause very little discomfort, the same goes for oral surgery or a root canal from your trusted family dentist. Root nerves have no real part to play in the everyday life of the tooth. Yes, it feels hot and cold sensations, but that’s about it. The root nerve lies in the canal by the tooth root, and that will be removed by your dentist.

Oral surgery and the root canal procedure are preventative. A badly decayed or infected tooth could be lost, if the root canal procedure is not performed.  In almost every case, oral surgery is effective in saving the tooth. Also, like the majority of dental implants, this procedure will probably be completed in one sitting, although sometimes your dentist may need to perform additional steps.

If you think you need root canals or other oral surgery in Brooksville, Brandon, Bloomingdale and surrounding regions, please contact us today. Don’t wait until the situation gets worse gets worse. Immediate action is necessary to save your teeth.