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Oral Surgery in Winter Haven, Bartow & Neighboring Areas

Oral SurgeryThe importance of having good oral surgery available in your area cannot be overemphasized! Dental implants are altering the way people see themselves. Implants are designed to give a foundation for replacement teeth that function, feel and look exactly like natural teeth. Ask any person who has lost their teeth how it feels to regain the ability to eat anything, conscious of the fact that their teeth appear perfectly natural and their facial contours will remain intact. Our patients receiving dental implants are able to smile with great confidence. Dental implants coming from an established periodontist at Dental Associates of Florida will give you a long-lasting solution.

Bartow families have many new reasons to put a smile on their face. We now have a committed periodontist at hand, offering first class dental services. We provide myriad dental services, including root canals, all under one roof. Taking advantage of the latest technology, you will receive permanent dental implants to replace unsightly lost teeth. For one thing, dental implants can help to preserve jawbone structure. Implants also assist in the avoidance of uneven wear on your remaining teeth. In addition, they will help to keep your confidence and facial integrity. Your dental team will measure the extent of your decay and your bone density before treatment, and then use one or two anchor posts to hold the crown in position. Dental implant procedures can take several months before the gum is healed.

Additional dental services:

  • Bone grafting
  • Wisdom teeth
  • Jaw surgery
  • Facial trauma
  • Impacted canines

Contact Dental Associates of Florida today for some great oral surgery available in Winter Haven, Bartow and neighboring areas. We are offering exciting dental treatment packages for everyone in your family. You deserve a beautiful smile today.