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Dental Services for Children in Central Brandon

Dentistry for children is just as important as adult dental care. Studies show that 20% of children aged five to 11 have at least a single untreated cavity, while one in six teens aged 12 to 19 have dental decay in at least one of their teeth. When these cavities aren’t treated, they result in pain, serious infections, and difficulty talking and chewing. But you can save your child from suffering the many problems of decay by taking them to a see a pediatric dentist on a regular basis.

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A pediatric dentist is a dentist who, after earning a dental degree, completes an additional two years of training in diagnosing and treating children ages 1 to 18. As every parent knows, working with children is different than helping adults, and our specialist has the skills and gentle manner needed to make even young children feel comfortable during their visit.

Now that you understand the importance of kids’ dental care, you’re probably wondering, “Where can I find a good pediatric dentist near me?” Fortunately, you don’t need to search far because you will find a pediatric dentist you can trust at our local family dental practice. Many parents depend on our friendly, knowledgeable practice for convenient and comprehensive dentistry for kids. We offer a wide range of dental services for children to keep their smiles healthy and attractive.

Are You Looking for a Kids’ Dentist for Teeth Cleanings?

You can trust our pediatric dental team of dentists and hygienists to gently remove plaque build-up from your child’s teeth. Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that builds on teeth every time your child eats or drinks. If it’s not removed, it hardens into cavity-causing calculus and tartar.

Can Topical Fluoride Keep Cavities Away?

Studies show that topical fluoride can naturally fight cavities and make teeth more resistant to dental decay by strengthening the tooth enamel that covers the surface of teeth. We frequently apply fluoride to children’s teeth for added cavity protection.

Want to Protect Your Child’s Teeth with Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are very thin layers of a plastic resin that our dentists apply over the chewing surfaces of children’s teeth to prevent bacteria and food from getting caught in these deep grooves and causing cavities. Experts agree that sealed teeth have a much lower risk developing tooth decay. In addition to providing years of protection, the application of sealants is quick and painless. Call our office to arrange a consultation or appointment for dental sealants for your child.

Could a Filling Repair Your Child’s Tooth After a Cavity?

Fillings have been used for decades to repair teeth that have been damaged by cavities. You can rely on our children’s dentist to quickly and easily restore your child’s damaged tooth with a filling.

Does Your Child Need Tooth Bonding?

If your child has chipped or fractured a front tooth, our kids’ dentist can repair and restore the tooth with tooth bonding.

Can a Root Canal Save Your Child’s Damaged Tooth?

Extensive tooth decay, dental damage, or an accident can cause your child to need a root canal. The treatment is commonly known as a “baby root canal,” but it’s actually called a pulpectomy and it involves removing the tooth’s damaged inner pulp. A root canal that only eliminates the tooth’s upper area of pulp without touching the tooth’s nerves is called a pulpotomy. When the treatment is complete, the tooth is protected with a pediatric crown.

Would a Pediatric Crown Protect Your Child’s Damaged or Decayed Tooth?

When your child cracks or fractures a tooth, or has a badly decayed tooth that a filling can’t repair, our dentists often use tooth-colored pediatric crowns to cover the tooth as a form of dental protection. We also place crowns on baby teeth and permanent teeth after a root canal. We don’t extract baby teeth unless they are about to fall out on their own, so pediatric crowns allow us to preserve these tiny teeth.

How Can a Space Maintainer Benefit Your Child?

When your child is missing a tooth because of decay, injury, or some other cause, space maintainers provide your child with enough room in their mouth for their permanent teeth to come in properly. They also are used for pre-orthodontic dental treatment. Feel free to contact our pediatric dental practice for more information.

Can a Mouthguard Protect Your Child’s Teeth During Sports?

Children active in contact sports and other athletic pursuits run a high risk of dental damage during these activities. To protect your child’s teeth, the American Dental Association strongly advises getting your child a mouthguard. While generic mouthguards can be purchased at sporting goods stores, our dentists can create a customized mouthguard that will be much more comfortable and provide better protection. If your child opposes wearing one, simply explain that it would be more painful and embarrassing to lose a tooth.

Do You Need Emergency Dental Care for Your Child?

When your child knocks out a tooth or has any other dental emergency, there’s no need to panic and say, “I wish I could find a children’s dentist near me for dental emergencies.” Simply call our local family dental practice for a pediatric dentist who can help.

Our family dental practice provides friendly, professional dentistry for children. Please call our practice today to schedule an appointment for your children