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Periodontics is a type of dentistry that is focused solely on the structures that surround and support the teeth. At Dental Associates, we have a periodontist who has specialized skills and experience related to periodontics, and we can treat conditions related to the gums and supporting tooth structures.

Periodontics includes specializations in the gums, cementum, periodontal ligaments and periodontal bones. Your gums are vital to you maintaining optimal oral health. You must care for your gums with regular flossing and visit a dentist regularly to ensure you aren’t developing any underlying gum conditions, which can result in sensitive teeth, cavities and other dental issues.

Your cementum is another vital tissue that is studied extensively in periodontics. A hard, calcified tissue, your cementum is found on the roots of your teeth and helps to attach your periodontal ligament to your tooth root.

Your periodontal ligaments along with your periodontal bones, such as the alveolar bones and others, are largely responsible for keeping your teeth adhered to your jaw and help your mouth sustain the force of chewing and other oral activities.

A Dental Associates periodontist has studied periodontics extensively and can address any conditions regarding all periodontal tissues and structures. Additionally, we are able to treat a range of other oral health conditions such as the following and more:

  • Dental Cavities
  • Gum Disease
  • Root Canals
  • TMJ

Our specialized study of periodontics enables us to provide relief to patients suffering from sensitive teeth, jaw pain, gum inflammation and more. While all dentists can address these issues, one who specializes in periodontics has additional training and expertise and can easily diagnose your periodontal conditions.

If you are looking for a dentist who specializes in periodontics and has locations spread throughout Tampa, Sun City, Hopewell, New Tampa, Seffner and surrounding cities, contact Dental Associates to schedule an appointment today. Whether you are suffering from sensitive teeth, cavities, receding gum lines or more, our experienced team of dental professionals can help put you back on the path to optimal oral health.