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At Dental Associates, we have a periodontist to address any of your oral healthcare concerns. Whether you have developed a gum condition or more, a qualified and experienced periodontist from Dental Associates can help.

When you are seen by our periodontist, you will benefit from the specialized knowledge in periodontics and skill they possess. Periodontics is a branch of dentistry that is focused solely on the tissues and bone that surround and support the teeth. Periodontics includes specializations in the:

  • Gums: Mucosal tissue located in the mouth, your gums play a large part in your overall oral health. It is important to care for your gums, and your periodontist will be able to determine if you have gum disease or any other endodontic issues.
  • Cementum: Periodontics includes focuses in the cementum, which is the hard, calcified tissue found on the root of the tooth. Your cementum helps the periodontal ligament attach to the root tooth.
  • Periodontal membranes: Also referred to as periodontal ligaments, the periodontal membranes are what enable your tooth to stay in place as you chew. If your periodontal membranes are showing any signs of a condition, our periodontist will be able to determine the best course of treatment after a full dental examination.
  • Alveolar bone: You probably know the alveolar bone by its common name, the tooth socket. This is the bone that is largely responsible for your tooth placement and helps your periodontal membranes in keeping your teeth firmly affixed in your mouth. Your periodontist will often conduct x-rays to determine if there is an issue with your alveolar bone or other structures.

Your Dental Associates periodontist has extensive experience treating periodontal issues, and we have worked with hundreds of patients throughout the Tampa Bay area to better their periodontal health.

Regardless of how severe your oral health issue may be, our periodontist will get you back on the road to optimal oral health. If you live in Tampa, Brandon, Brooksville, Spring Hill, Seffner or the surrounding cities and are looking for a dentist with a focus in periodontics, contact Dental Associates today to schedule an appointment with a qualified periodontist near you who has studied periodontics and treated periodontal conditions for people of all ages.