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Restorative Dentist Inverness

Your restorative dentist in Inverness is involved in preventing and treating diseases of the teeth and restoring them back to maximum dental improvement.  The restorative dentist will also work as a cosmetic dentist to repair or replace damaged or defective teeth.  Tooth structure might be lost from decay, deterioration of a previous restoration or injury.  Our Inverness restorative dentist often attends continuing education and dental seminars to remain current in procedures and techniques.  Dental Associates of Florida in Inverness offers the most updated restorative procedures available.

Restorative dentistry can be as routine as treating a cavity by removing the decayed part of a tooth and filling it in with metal or epoxy, or it can get complex and involve:

  • Crowns to cover teeth or restore broken teeth
  • Bridges to replace missing teeth and fill gaps
  • Implants to replace missing teeth
  • Root canals to save seriously decayed and/or infected teeth
  • Removable dentures to replace missing teeth

Restorations like implants also involve cosmetic dentistry.  The cosmetic dentist is going to focus on the appearance of the patient’s teeth as a result of discoloration, chipping, worn,  misshaped and/or irregularly spaced teeth.  Common procedures performed by a cosmetic dentist might include teeth whitening, crowns or implants, bonding and veneers.

We care for patients of all ages.  Your dentist at our Inverness dental clinic can answer any questions you have about restorative or cosmetic dentistry for you or a member of your family.  The type of procedure we perform depends on the condition of your teeth and your ultimate objective.  Contact Dental Associates of Florida to be evaluated by a restorative dentist or a cosmetic dentist.  We practice gentle dentistry in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  There’s a smile included in every visit.