Restorative Dentist Winter Haven

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Restorative Dentist Winter Haven

Being treated by a restorative dentist is the reason why most people see us at Dental Associates of Florida in Winter Haven.  Restoration involves the diagnosis and treatment of teeth along with the bone and tissue that support them.  The restorative dentist rehabilitates teeth and their supporting structures to the optimal functional and aesthetic levels of each individual patient.  Restorative dentistry can involve different disciplines along with how they interact with each other.

Most restorative dentistry involves the different ways that your dentist might repair or replace teeth or their supporting structure as a result of decay or fracture.  The procedures that your restorative dentist might perform can include but not be limited to:

  • Filling cavities
  • Placing crowns over a tooth that’s been professionally reduced in size
  • Implanting posts into bone that support crowns
  • Providing bridges and dentures for missing teeth

Small dental problems can grow into big problems, so if an issue arises, you’ll want to see our restorative dentist sooner rather than later.  Our restorative dentist at Dental Associates of Florida in Winter Haven offers the most modern restorative dental science and treatments available to restore your beaming smile.

The best thing about restorative dentistry with us is that we work gently on both your mouth and finances.  If you want to make an appointment with us to check out your options, just contact us! Our restorative dentist will be  happy to have a consultation with you, and talk with you about the individual treatments that will be custom designed for you.  We’ll work with you on restoring the smile that you used to have.  Call us, or use our online contact form to set an appointment to see our restorative dentist at Dental Associates of Florida in Winter Haven.