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Root Canals in Brooksville, Brandon, Bloomingdale & Neighboring Areas

Root CanalsYou can’t fight it. When you have to take care of your root canals, you have to have a root canal. The good thing is that anticipation is worse than the procedure. We’re here to tell you about a family dentist that is very experienced in root canal procedures and performs them with gentleness, Dental Associates of Florida.

You need to have root canals when nerve tissues within teeth get infected. Pus forms, bacteria multiplies, and an abscessed tooth can be created, which may involve pus drainage into the face and gums, and that can lead to bone loss and swelling.

When do you need root canals?

  • You have lingering sensitivity to heat or cold
  • Your tooth is discolored
  • There’s a hard blister on your gum
  • It aches when you chew

Your family dentist will inject some local anesthesia, and then he will drill an access hole so damaged pulp, debris and nerve tissue can be scraped away and flushed out. Sometimes the family dentist prefers to let a tooth rest for a week or so, so he will inject you with infection-fighting medicines and put a temporary filling in it. At the last visit he will fill the void with rubberlike compound and sealer, and then put in the permanent filling. If it’s a weak tooth, a post might be inserted and a dental crown will cap it. Dental implants should be discussed if severe bone loss has happened,

If you live in Bloomingdale, Brooksville, Brandon, and neighboring areas and might need root canals, contact Dental Associates of Florida today. Also discuss porcelain veneers with your dentist.